The Chao Games Showcase is a virtual showcase event dedicated to fan games and giving a voice to the dedicated fans turned developers.



Bubs Big Blowout

by Miles Games

Bub and his friends seem to have found themselves lost in a strange new world! Everything is so familiar, yet so different! Will you be able to help Bub and his friends find their way home?

Mega Man Overdrive

by Team Moonrise

Mega Man Overdrive is an expansive and ambitious fan game project which has been evolving for a few years now. Aiming to mix best bits of classic 8-bit Mega Man with modern design principles and enhancements.

Sonic 1: South Island Definitive

by RadiantNexus Team

Sonic 1: South Island Definitive is a ROM hack project by RadiantNexus which seeks to re-imagine Sonic 1 for original hardware.

Made with creativity and passion, our visions and goal for this fan work consists of:

Sonic Aural

by darkn

Sonic Aural is a non-profit passion project that has been in development for 4 years.

Sonic Legends

by Ultra Ring Team

Sonic Legends is an unofficial, non-profit fan project inspired by the 2D Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. Its main goal is to update and re-invent over 20 year of history within the Sonic fangaming scene. Every featured Zone has been re-imagined for a modern outing by redesigning them from the ground up in all aspects, adding flair and polish similar to 2017’s Sonic Mania.

Sonic Overdrive

by RacoonUlrich

Sonic Overdrive is a Personal take on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episode 1&2 made out of pure boredom.


by Louplayer

Tails' Picross is a fangame inspired by the Picross game series and other Mega Drive puzzle games.

In this game, you will need to clear puzzles using the clues on each row and each collumn of the grid.

Project Castlevania Z

by A2LAN

In July 1999, Dracula has been resurrected, and is more powerful than ever. Jay Morris must travel around Europe to find the last descendant of the Belmont clan and give them the Vampire Killer so they can defeat Dracula once and for all. Will he accomplish this mission before the eclipse?

SMW: October Ordeal

by TDW

October Ordeal is a currently in-progress Super Mario World ROM-Hack that aims to deliver a fairly challenging experience in a world that has environments that pertain to halloween, fall, and horror elements.

Sonic and Blaze

by arcanalune

Sonic & Blaze is a high speed 2D platformer inspired by the 2D and 3D Sonic boost titles.

Sonic Essence

by Team REDream

Sonic Essence is an original 2D Modern Sonic adventure built with the Retro Engine V4 Decompilation. It features completely original sprites, levels, badniks, and an all-new soundtrack featuring remixes and original compositions! This project aims to push the potential of Retro Engine (V4) modding to show the fresh and new experiences the decompilation can offer!

Sonic Outbound

by Project255

This game is set one year after Sonic Mania's bad ending where Robotnik had the Phantom Ruby and Chaos Emeralds in possession. After the final battle in the core of the Titanic Monarch, Robotnik was stuck in Little Planet and started collecting the Time Stones and preparing his greatest plan yet.

Spark the Electric Jester: Recharged

by Farkle

Spark The Electric Jester: Recharged is a mod that adds bug fixes and new content to the original game.