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Welcome to a new look H.T.I

#1 - May 2024

It’s hard to imagine that four years ago, under the most chaotic and challenging circumstances, the Hedgehog Technical Institute community first came together. While not a major anniversary I am proud to look back at how far we have come since. Our last expo month was a huge success and I look forward to sharing more information about this year's expos in this month's State of the Community update.

This is the first state of the community post that we have been able to write in a long time. H.T.I was always intended to be a community run, for the community. Bringing back these monthly updates will give you all an insight into the goings on within the community and decisions behind the scenes. I hope you find these updates insightful going forward.

The first thing I want to cover is the updated site! The main page has been significantly updated to make the site easier to navigate and engage with. While the main site pages have been completely revamped, next month we will introduce a new create page full of development advice and resources alongside material and information for this year's expo month. This update has not affected the forum pages and there are no current plans to update the forum look.

As briefly mentioned above, yes, next month we will be opening the submission period for our expos in November. I would love to reveal more details now, but we are still getting a few things ready for the announcement. Stay tuned!

We are also opening up several new positions for event planners. Over the years our event planners have helped us significantly by contributing their skills with art, graphic design, and video editing. Without the help of our event planners, we would not be able to run our events to the same quality we have. If you are interested in contributing to the community by helping us organize and produce our events then please submit an application through the below Google form.

Please feel free to send us your thoughts on this update and the new site design through both our discord and forum.

Many thanks,

Flapperultra and the H.T.I team.

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