INDIE'D is a virtual showcase event dedicated to sharing exciting new Indie games and celebrating the achievements of developers. Opening on the 1st of November with a Direct style presentation the event will feature developer talks, livestreams, awards and many exciting demos to check out!



Adventure kitty Drill Buster

by zay_altick

Adventure Kitty: Drill Buster is a fast paced drilling game where you must collect coins to break barriers in unique biomes filled with dangerous enemies preventing from reaching your goal!

Cubenen Gardens ~ Befriend

by TheGameDawg

Cubenen Gardens: Befriend is a story-driven indie RPG. Discover the connection between monsters and the memories of the deceased.

Funtography - A gameboy Cameradventure 

by Difegue

In Funtography, enjoy looking at 100+ Gameboy Camera pictures as you explore various urban vistas to solve the mystery of a missing video game prototype.

Possess Quest

by Starturbo

Possess Quest is a puzzle platformer where you play as the enemies.

Super Freaks 1 - Ultimate Edition

by SuperFreaksDev

Super Freaks 1 Ultimate Edition is a 2D platformer featuring single player and up to four player drop-in/drop-out cooperative gameplay.

You Know The Drill

by A2LAN and Jtn00b

An action-puzzle game about a wannabe spelunker digging deep inside dangerous grounds.

Cosmo Vulpes

by EoniArts

A 3D platformer with a jetpack! Cosmo Vulpes is a sci-fi adventure that you play as a bounth hunter fox, Klaus, with his jetpack and other gadgets developed by his friend fennec Safira, complete his missions and explore new worlds.

Dormiveglia - A Dreamlike Journey

by Darkonius Mavakar

Join Quinn as they set off to solve the mysteries of Elysium and stop Somnia's quest to put the entire realm in a deep slumber.

Lumiva Legacy

by Plom510

Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced action platformer about three young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero, Salamon Avery, and Roy Cruz, on their journey to stop D-Tech from invading their home of Neuo Town.

Prototype N

by Arrietty

Prototype N is a side scrolling shooting platformer. Nadine, a prototype android, has a limited loadout of weapons. She must use them to get through many stages filled with tricky obstacles such as dangerous robotic foes, hazardous traps and more!

Veredilia - The Sacred Forest

by Giga6152

Veradilia: The Sacred Forest is a momentum-platformer with combat and fighting mechanics inspired by combo heavy fighting games. Play as three unique characters and explore the sacred forest.