INDIE'D and Chao Games Showcase 2023 submissions open

We are happy to announce that submissions for the INDIE’D and Chao Games Jam showcase events are now open and will remain open until the 4th of October. As you may or may not know these events are showcases for Indie, amateur and fan games that run across the month of November.

INDIE’D is our indie showcase, and being run independently from Chao Games Showcase for the first time this year. It features a Direct style presentation of trailers submitted to the showcase, alongside developer playthroughs and interviews through the INDIE club event streams. During this event we are also arranging guest speakers to give talks about game development.

Chao Games Showcase is our community driven fan works showcase. Similarly, to INDIE’D it features a Direct style presentation, the chao Direct. It also has developer interviews through our treehouse streams.

Finally, to end the month, we be presenting the Sp’indie awards to games from the showcase.

This year we are making use of our recently opened forum to make submitting and presenting your project’s page easier and more customisable than our last event. The way it works is that posted projects to the event forum will be kept unlisted from the main forum until the start of each event and linked to the 2023 INDIE’D and CGS pages on the main site.

For those looking to submit a project for either of our events in November we recommend you first check out our community roadmap for important event dates such as for submission closing and developer interviews. In order to submit to these events, you need to submit either a project or trailer or both.


For more information on registering your interest and submitting to the event please check out our submission guide.



H.T.I Roadmap 2023